Why Brides are Choosing Video

November 2, 2012
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1. My budget does not permit a videographer!
If a bride is unaware of the benefits of having her special day captured forever then she will simply use this as a rebuttal for not putting this service in the budget. Money is always spent on thing that are important to the people spending it.If this is the scenario, the only person that can change this reality is the bride.There is a theory called the budget theory. In essence, no value is given to something that is not significant to you. If a bride knows the importance of documenting her special day then there will be a budget for it.

2. A Videographer is not needed I have family and friends who can do this..
Home video is fun to watch. And, looking a pictures taken by friends can evoke memories. However, a professionally taken photo has a different look than a picture taken with a camera phone or a regular camera. Professional photographers have the experience and technique down to capture those breathtaking images. They have the equipment and the know-how. The same thing remains true for videographers. Instead of taking the risk of having shaky blurred video of your special day you can have a professional movie done that everyone will always remember.

3. Video is not needed because I already have a photographer.
It is true that cameras are used in video and photography. However, the two serve separate purposes and they are a part of 2 different industries. Having photographs of loved ones who are older are important, however, it can be even more special if you have video and audio of that special loved one to always look back at. You can say that having a video will allow you to freeze this special moment in time and revisit it when you want to.

4. Since I am spending a lot of photography I will just get a cheap video guy.
This one you have to be cautious about. Bottom line you want a professional that will not cause a disruption on your special day. Huge shining lights and putting guest on the spot by sticking microphones in their face is not what you want. You need a vendor that is professional and will work well with the other vendors. Professionalism and quality is very key when selecting a videographer. Price should not be the final deciding factor.

5. We do not watch a lot of tv and we do not want to see ourselves on video
Videography will simply allow you to capture your day. The planning should be done properly to capture the feel and the essence of the day along with the family and friends attending! Plan it out if you do want certain parts apart of the video then you can instruct the videographer to get what is the most important to you.

The fact of the matter is that you will not be able to see and hear everything. The video will be your vision and audio in places that you were not able to be.

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